About Us النهار الأسترالية

Annahar Australia Newspaper is one of the top-rated Arabic newspapers in Australia listed as Media/news/publishing outlet for over 45 years.

Annahar Australia is very important for the Arab community, especially in publishing literary works by thinkers and poets from an Arab background, as it is known for its extensive coverage of Australian local affairs as well as Arab and international affairs.

The Annahar Australia’s circulation reaches thousands of Arabic readers from the Australian Arabic community which consists of more than 700000 Lebanese, Iraqis, Egyptians and others.

Mr Anwar Harb AM is the publisher and editor in chief of Annahar Australia since the early nineties.

Mr Harb and the editorial staff decided in May 2023 to go digital in order to reach a much wider audience across Australia and the rest of the world. This venture is growing fast and is proving very successful as thousands of Arabic speaking readers follow the latest Australian, social and general news in the Arabic language posted in Annahar Australia PDF and digital daily.

The Annahar Australia is a professionally run media outlet and does cover the news needs of Arabic readers through its modern digital format.

Annahar Australia’s 4598 editions thus far are also available in the State Library of NSW archive.

You can contact Annahar Australia via