A grant of $2,128,651 to turn tyre waste into valuable new products

Donna Davis MP, State Member for Parramatta has announced SAMI Bitumen Technologies Pty Ltd has been awarded a grant of $2,128,651 to boost its ability to turn tyre waste into valuable new products.
The funding will enable SAMI Bitumen to use proven technology to increase the demand for recycled rubber from tyres in constructing and maintaining roads in NSW. The project will process an additional 540 tonnes of tyres per year and create 10 construction positions in Camellia, near Parramatta.
The funding is awarded under the second round of the Remanufacture NSW program, which is delivered by the NSW Environmental Trust in partnership with the NSW Environment
Protection Authority (EPA) and aims to increase recycling infrastructure across NSW and create jobs.
The grants are co-funded by the Commonwealth Government’s $250 million Recycling Modernisation Fund, which aims to support a circular economy by boosting industry’s capacity to process and remanufacture wastepaper, cardboard, tyres and plastics, and the NSW Government through the waste levy.

“It’s great to see SAMI Bitumen is being supported to increase its capacity to recycle, reuse and remanufacture tyre waste in Parramatta. The project will create a low-viscosity crumbed rubber bitumen that will increase road life and durability and divert an additional 3 million tyres from landfill over ten years.
“I’m pleased the project has been awarded funding through the Remanufacture NSW program, and I look forward to seeing the ways this will contribute to a more circular economy here in NSW.” Donna Davis said.

Federal Member for Parramatta, Dr. Andrew Charlton MP added” “Parramatta’s past as an industrial and manufacturing hub once created good, secure jobs for the local economy.
“Today, I’m helping create a future for Parramatta where locals can find good, secure jobs in
the area. That starts with investing in the industries of the future.
“I’m proud to be part of a Federal Government that supports this vision and is making job creation a
core part of our plan toward a cleaner, more sustainable future.”

Minister for the Environment and Water, Tanya Plibersek MP said: “Labor wants to see a circular economy in Australia – more local jobs to support recycling, and less waste going to landfill.
“We know that for every 1 job in landfill there are three jobs in recycling. Every bit of rubbish that
ends up in landfill is a missed opportunity.
“We also know people want to do the right thing and recycle their waste. This funding is supporting
new recycling infrastructure as well as helping regional communities in NSW recycle more of their
“We want to better protect nature and reverse decline for our kids and grandkids – and that takes all
levels of Government working together.”

NSW Minister for the Environment, Energy, Climate Change and Heritage, Penny Sharpe MLC stated that “the nine businesses receiving this support are playing an instrumental role in our transition to a circular economy.
“These industry leaders will allow NSW to recycle more waste and use less plastic.
“It’s not only a win for the NSW recycling industry but for our economy, creating almost 100 jobs.
“The NSW Government is committed to reducing plastic waste to protect our natural environment
and reduce harm to our marine animals.”

For more information about the Remanufacture Round 2 grants visit: Environmental Trust Remanufacture NSW Grants program.