Australian Jobseeker payment to rise by $56 a fortnight

The jobseeker payment is slated to increase by $56 a fortnight on 20 September, when the $40 a fortnight increase announced in the federal budget will come into effect, as well as 2.2% indexation for cost of living.

Social security payments are adjusted for inflation automatically, although governments can decide whether or not to let that indexation flow through.

Youth allowance, Austudy and the youth disability pension are among the welfare payments only indexed once a year on 1 January, and will see no further increase beyond what was announced in the budget.

The safety net legislation which sets out the budget increases to jobseeker,  Commonwealth rent assistance, the pensions and single parent payment will be among the first order of government business when parliament resumes.

The legislation must pass this sitting in order for the increases to begin flowing by 20 September.