A vibrant and culturally immersive affair, the upcoming Let’s Go Ukrainian series is all set to captivate attendees with the beauty and diversity of Ukrainian heritage.
This series promises to be a captivating experience filled with music, dance, art, cuisine and much more, showcasing the rich tapestry of Ukrainian culture.
The Let’s Go Ukrainian series is scheduled to take place from 1 September-30 November throughout Canterbury-Bankstown’s nine Library and Knowledge Centres.
The event aims to bring together individuals of all backgrounds to appreciate the beauty and depth of Ukrainian tradition, fostering cross-cultural understanding and unity within community.
Some highlights include:
• Vibrant performances: Guests will be treated to a fusion of traditional and contemporary Ukrainian music and dance, capturing the essence of the culture.
• Artistic treasures: Featuring an array of Ukrainian artworks, from intricate embroidery to captivating paintings, providing a glimpse into Ukraine’s creative heritage.
• Interactive workshops: Join a hands-on workshop such as the sweet art of cookie decorating or the intricate world of jewellery making.
The Let’s Go Ukrainian series is a collaborative effort that brings together community members, local businesses and cultural organisations to create an unforgettable experience.
Mayor Bilal El-Hayek said he was excited about the upcoming event.
“Ukrainian culture adds a vibrant thread to our City’s fabric and the Let’s Go Ukrainian series unites our community in a celebration of diversity,” Mayor El-Hayek said.
“This series showcases the richness of cultures that shape our City.”
Admission to the Let’s Go Ukrainian series is free, ensuring that everyone can enjoy this cultural celebration.
For more information and to view the program, visit Let’s Go Ukrainian (nsw.gov.au)