Former Australian prime ministers release statement to condemn Hamas and caution Israel

All of Australia’s living former prime ministers bar one have released a joint statement on the conflict in Gaza, condemning Hamas but warning Israel it risks doing the terror group’s work by killing thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians.
The statement, signed by Scott Morrison, Malcolm Turnbull, Tony Abbott, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and John Howard – but not Paul Keating – said most Australians support the Jewish community following the attack on Israel on October 7.
“We believe we speak for the vast majority of Australians, of all faiths and of none, when we say we stand in solidarity with Jewish Australians at this time,” it states.
“Likewise, we stand too with the Australian Palestinian community whose families are dying and suffering in this terrible conflict.
“They too deserve our love and support.
“Our nation’s success depends on us not allowing conflict overseas to turn Australians against each other.”
The former prime ministers go on to condemn the “cruel and murderous attack” carried out by Hamas, but also cautioned Israel that an indiscriminate invasion of the Gaza Strip is what the militant group wanted to provoke, even as Israeli troops escalate their attacks on the enclave.