Canterbury-Bankstown Mayor Bilal El-Hayek is challenging business CEOs and community leaders to dig deep and help end homelessness.
In the Mayor’s Lights Out Sleepout on Friday 11 August, Mayor El-Hayek will bunker down at Bankstown Airport Passenger Terminal – all in the name of a good cause.
Together with Mission Australia and Bankstown Airport (Aeria Management Group), the sleepout will raise funds for vital services to support those experiencing or at risk of homelessness.
Mayor El-Hayek said he wants other leaders to join him and experience what it’s like to sleep rough on a cold winter’s night.
“I want to raise awareness about the plight of homelessness in our City,” Mayor El-Hayek said.
“On any given night, there are thousands of men, women and children who are forced to sleep in cars or ‘couch surf’ because of their circumstances.”
According to the latest census data, homelessness has nearly doubled in Canterbury Bankstown since 2011, with a lack of affordable housing, drug and alcohol abuse and a rise in domestic and family violence the root causes.
“A heartbreaking situation that is hard to comprehend in an affluent country like ours. And that reality bites harder as the cold winter nights take hold,” Mayor El-Hayek said.
The Mayors Lights Out Sleepout will take place on Friday 11 August, 7pm-7am. Dinner, soup and an early breakfast will be provided to all sleeping out.
Business CEOs and community leaders can join in by donating $500 or more, or can create a team to reach the fundraising goal and nominate a representative to campout.
Create a team:
To create a team for your business or organisation, visit
Or, if you need help to create a team, contact Council’s Events staff at

City of Canterbury Bankstown (
Once a team has been created you can share your link with family, friends and colleagues to contribute to the fundraising goal.
Contribute as an individual:
Members of the community can donate by selecting the ‘donate’ button on the webpage.
All donations $2 and over are tax deductible and include a receipt.

City of Canterbury Bankstown (