NSW Coalition’s 2023 Multicultural Media Event at the NSW Parliament

On the invitation of Mark Coure, Shadow Minister for Multiculturalism, Shadow Minister for Jobs, Industry, Innovation, Science and Technology, and Shadow Minister for South-Western Sydney, the inaugural Multicultural Media Cocktail Reception was hosted by the NSW Coalition.

Coure thanked the media outlets for their service to the community.

”Multicultural media outlets like yours play a vital role in our diverse, vibrant and thriving society, providing us with on-the-ground insights into the important issues facing our state’s diverse communities,” Coure said.

“Multicultural media plays such a critical role in our communities, connecting people to their culture, identity and language whilst also keeping them informed on important messages.

“To that end, this event is to thank you for all you do in our community and also aims to foster even closer ties between our parties and the multicultural media industry,” Coure concluded.

Leader of the NSW Opposition Mark Speakman, Member of the Legislative Assembly, Member for Cronulla, lauded the multicultural media, stressing the need for their important services to the various Australian communities.