The Australian Maronite Community Network (AMCN)التجمع الماروني الاسترالي held its Annual General Meeting on Monday evening, 8 April 2024…..

The meeting was an opportunity to present and discuss matters relevant to our Australian Maronite Community……

As AMCN enters its 9th year since it was formally registered with Fair Trading NSW, it was appropriate to review and evaluate the excellent performance and the good achievements of this proactive Community Organisation in undertaking activities ranging from bringing people together to providing financial assistance both in Australia and Lebanon.

This small and relatively young organisation, the AMCN التجمع الماروني الاسترالي, which is described as a relatively  quiet achiever, has managed, in a span of few years,  to aid a variety of needy people and institutions as follows:

AMCN Donations:
1. Lifehouse for cancer: $5000
2. Garvan Institute for cancer research: $5000
3. The needy in Lebanon via the Maronite Eparchy in Sydney: $2000
4. Maronite-On-Mission: $5000
5. St Charbel’s Aged Care Centre:$17000
6. Lebanese Villages 1: $12000
7. Lebanese Villages 2: $8000
8. MTV Lebanon (Needy): $4600
9. Sister Rose’s Project: $8000
10. Maronite Catholic Society’s Appeal: $1000
11. Sesobel $500
12. Minsiyin Association in Lebanon: 300USD or 450 AUD
13. Voice of Charity-via Fr Maroun Moussa $2000
14. Father Boutros Ishaac towards building a church in Alma Lebanon: $1000
15. Zgharta Hospital via Monsignor Istphan Frangieh $5000
TOTAL: $76,550.00

And in an atmosphere devoid of contention or competitiveness and in line with the usual practice of understanding and harmony, the AMCN Board was duly chosen as follows:

Chair: Raymond Abi-Arraj
Vice-Chair: Fahd Gittany
Secretary-General: Ghassan Awit
Deputy Secretary-General: Jeanne Arraj
Treasurer: Tony Maroun
Deputy Treasurer: Peter Wakim
Adviser: Clovis Batti
Adviser: George Hanna
Adviser: Tony B Sleiman

Issued by the General Secretariat of the Australian Maronite Network

التجمع الماروني الاسترالي
Ghassan Awit
Sydney – Australia
EMAIL: amcn1600469@gmail.com