Royal Australian Mint unveils image of King Charles III set to appear on $1 coins

The Royal Australian Mint has unveiled the new effigy of King Charles III that will appear on $1 coins before Christmas.

Since 1953, every Australian coin has featured Queen Elizabeth II, with the late monarch’s coins remaining in circulation as legal currency.

From the end of this year, coins will begin bearing the image of King Charles III, and will feature some slight differences.

As is tradition, His Majesty will be facing left — the opposite direction to his mother.

The effigy, which was designed by the Royal Mint in London and approved by Buckingham Palace, will also see the king without a crown.

This is in keeping with the first depiction of Queen Elizabeth II on Australian currency.

The mint plans to introduce 10 million King Charles III $1 coins through the banks this year before minting other coin denominations in 2024.

The Royal Australian Mint said it would not produce commemorative coins with the image of Queen Elizabeth II from June next year.

But with a total of 15.5 billion coins featuring the longest-serving monarch minted over the course of decimal currency, Queen Elizabeth II’s familiar face will endure.