One of Australia’s most celebrated literary figures, Michael Mohammed Ahmad, will be getting back to his roots and making special visit to his hometown, Lakemba, this month.

Ahmad will be visiting Lakemba Library and Knowledge Centre on Tuesday 20 June, to meet local literature enthusiasts, aspiring writers and avid readers.

Ahmad, an acclaimed novelist and playwright, has captivated audiences with his powerful storytelling and profound insights into the human experience.

His works, including The Tribe and The Lebs, have received critical acclaim and prestigious awards, solidifying his position as a significant voice of contemporary Australian literature.

Growing up in Lakemba, Ahmad experienced first-hand the negative portrayals of the Arabic, Muslim and Western Sydney communities. Determined to neutralise these representations, he devoted himself to writing.

Ahmad said he sought to create a different portrayal of these communities from the ones we often saw depicted in the media.

His most recent novel, The Other Half of You, delves into complex relationships, aiming to empower the next generation and shed light on toxic environments.

“I always do my best to find the humanity in each of my characters, attempting to portray them as complex and three dimensional – flawed and tragic and hilarious and beautiful and ignorant and wise all at once,” Ahmad said.

Canterbury-Bankstown Mayor Bilal El-Hayek said he was thrilled to host Ahmad at Lakemba Library and Knowledge Centre – where the author grew up.

“His work has made a profound impact on the literary landscape and this author talk provides an incredible opportunity for the community to engage with an exceptional storyteller,” Mayor El-Hayek said.

“I strongly encourage you pop by Lakemba Library for an insightful and inspiring event.”

During the talk, attendees have the privilege of hearing Ahmad discuss his literary journey, creative process, and the inspirations behind his compelling narratives.

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